Bicycle rental during your holiday in Crete

Crete is a cyclist’s paradise. One way to fully explore this magnificent diverse land is by bicycle.
You can soak up the sun and at your pace enjoy the natural beauty of this land cycling on terrain through groves of citrus and olive trees and perhaps sharing the road with flocks of sheep.
You will enjoy endless days of exploring the warm, friendly coastline, the rural villages and mountain terrains, the deep mountain gorges and ancient ruins of a great civilization will unfold before you captivating you and catching your breath!! Discover Crete’s back roads and many nice tracks through the rugged coastal or mountainous landscape.

Each village has its own distinct flavour, colour, local crafts, produce and delicacies and needless to say endless hospitality.
At every corner you will have the chance to experience and enjoy the island’s legendary hospitality, great healthy lifestyle and delicious wholesome food as you explore this mythical land from coast to coast.

Renting a bicycle is cheap and an easy task. You will be guaranteed to have a unique trip and amazing unforgettable experience if you choose to explore Crete on bike.
Crete‘s good quality roads with low traffic, its diversified landscape and ample great-quality accommodation provides all that is necessary for road cycling and mountain bike enthusiasts. With good preparation making sure you are well and safely equipped all you need then are your bike shoes.

Rent a bike in Crete and you will enjoy and be captivated by Crete’s beautiful scenery. Both the professional cyclist and those who just want to ride a bike for a bit of fun or for a day can rent a bicycle in Crete. Many cycling tours are also available throughout Crete for bike enthusiasts. Any which way you will be guaranteed an unforgettable holiday.