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Renting a motorbike in Crete

What better way than to enjoy your vacations in Crete with a motorbike. It is an adventurous spirited way of exploring the island .Renting a motorbike or scooter in Crete is often a better choice than renting a car if you just want to drive around close knitted areas. Renting a motorbike or scooter is a very easy way of moving around resort areas in Crete, due to the increased traffic during peak season. They are easy to park, consume little fuel, and are easy to maneuver in the tight narrow streets of Cretan towns and villages. They are the best way to get to explore beaches close by to your holiday accommodation.

Enjoy your holidays in Crete with a motorbike and discover the spirited feeling and sense of freedom you get while travelling throughout simply beautiful and breathtaking locations of Crete.

With a vast number of rent a motorbike companies available providing a variety of models to choose from, Hiring a Motorbike is very easy. It is easily arranged for the motorbike rental of your choice to be delivered to your hotel or airport or port as you arrive on the island. All you need to remember is your driver’s license. Helmets, top cases are available on request too.


Bicycle rental during your holiday in Crete

Crete is a cyclist’s paradise. One way to fully explore this magnificent diverse land is by bicycle.
You can soak up the sun and at your pace enjoy the natural beauty of this land cycling on terrain through groves of citrus and olive trees and perhaps sharing the road with flocks of sheep.
You will enjoy endless days of exploring the warm, friendly coastline, the rural villages and mountain terrains, the deep mountain gorges and ancient ruins of a great civilization will unfold before you captivating you and catching your breath!! Discover Crete’s back roads and many nice tracks through the rugged coastal or mountainous landscape.

Each village has its own distinct flavour, colour, local crafts, produce and delicacies and needless to say endless hospitality.
At every corner you will have the chance to experience and enjoy the island’s legendary hospitality, great healthy lifestyle and delicious wholesome food as you explore this mythical land from coast to coast.

Renting a bicycle is cheap and an easy task. You will be guaranteed to have a unique trip and amazing unforgettable experience if you choose to explore Crete on bike.
Crete‘s good quality roads with low traffic, its diversified landscape and ample great-quality accommodation provides all that is necessary for road cycling and mountain bike enthusiasts. With good preparation making sure you are well and safely equipped all you need then are your bike shoes.

Rent a bike in Crete and you will enjoy and be captivated by Crete’s beautiful scenery. Both the professional cyclist and those who just want to ride a bike for a bit of fun or for a day can rent a bicycle in Crete. Many cycling tours are also available throughout Crete for bike enthusiasts. Any which way you will be guaranteed an unforgettable holiday.

Best Way to Explore Crete

The best way to explore the island of Crete is to rent a car.
There are so many sights to see on this large and diverse island beyond the endless stretches of pristine beaches, the luxury hotels and the great restaurants, city attractions, sights of historical significance and picturesque mountain or seaside villages.

Certainly Crete has all these, but the island has much more to offer visitors who take the time to acquaint themselves with this beautiful island.

You will need a car to enjoy all that Crete has to offer. It is the best and most comfortable way to see Crete at your own pace and comfort and practically your best option is to rent a rental car in Crete. With a rental car, you can go on daytrips and visit remote areas that travel agencies and travel guides do not mention. You will be guaranteed an unforgettable vacation and will enjoy taking in the sunny skies and diverse natural scenery which will literally take your breath away!

With a car you are not limited in any way whatsoever and you can stop along the coastal ride as many times as you want and will have a chance to get to know the locals firsthand along with all the delicacies the local shops have to offer .

Visiting Crete by rental car will guarantee you having the best experience possible!!!


Chania International Airport

Chania International Airport, “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” (IATA: CHQ, ICAO: LGSA) is an international airport located near Souda Bay on the peninsula of Akrotiri, 15 km from the city of Chania. It is named after Ioannis Daskalogiannis, Crete’s most famous rebel against Ottoman rule in the 18th century.

Chania airport is not as busy as the Heraklion airport but it still handles a great influx of visitors a year.  
Domestic flights (to Athens and a few to Thessaloniki) run throughout the year (there are about 6 to 10 Athens flights a day run by Aegean Airlines).

Most charter flights to European destinations run from late April or early May to the end of October.

Check-in time for domestic flights is 60 minutes but you’ll get away with 30 minutes and even less (if you are running late – but try to avoid this).
Check-in times for charter flights are generally 2 hours but check with your airline.

There is plenty of seating and the Services provided inside the airport including an Information Desk which is open 24 hours a day, a take away café and snacks bar and Chania Airport has both duty free shops and tourist shops selling Cretan products and folk art. There is also a souvenir and small newsagent/book store.

Chania Airport has several ATM cash machines but no bank branches.
There is a security police monitor the airport during opening hours.
Regarding medical assistance Chania Airport has a fully-equipped Medical Centre in case of passenger emergencies.

There are no luggage lockers at the Airport. There is a Lost Luggage Office to which the public can apply for lost luggage or other lost items.

The airport operations office telephone is 28210 83800 or 28210 83803.

If you are looking to have a rental car waiting for you upon your arrival, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

falasarna 2

Visit Falasarna by Car


Falasarna is located close to the west part of Crete approximately 45  km from Chania city. It will take you about one hour of driving from Chania and 45 minutes from Agia Marina. There are superb sandy beaches with some of the cleanest waters in Crete and Greece. Sometimes it can get very windy. There are just a few simple tavernas and not much to do but except walk and absorb the wild beauty of the area or relaxin the sun. In the hills behind the beach, you will find the ruins of the ancient city and harbour of Falasarna. If you are willing to try the off road areas, we suggest you use a off-road rental vehice. For advice ask us at Kreta Car Rental.


elafonisi leo

Trip to ELAFONISI by car



 Elafonisi beach is located close to the southwestern corner of Crete approximately 72 km of  Chania city. It will take  about one and a half hour of  driving  from Chania. Rent a car  from KRETA RENTAL and enjoy  the way to Elafonisi . You should stop at Topolia village to visit the Agia Sofia cave. Near the beach you will find a place to park your car easily. At the beach you will find sun beds and umbrellas and also canteens for cold water and food. If the weather is calm you will be able to walk throught the shallow water to Elafonisi island. The beach of Elafonisi  is very nice and safe for families and specially for kids because of the shallow water.

Island Thodorou

The Thodorou Islands once guarded Crete from her enemies, but now they protect the Cretan Ibex from its own enemies, the hunters who would love to add the famous Kri-Kri, the wild goat of Crete, to their trophies.

The wild goats were moved to Thodorou from the mountains of Crete, to allow them to breed in peace, far from poachers and other dangers.

In order to protect the Cretan ibex or kri-kri, the state declared Thodorou a National Park and banned any human presence and activity there. About 80 ibexes are now thought to live on the island, protected by a special guard.

Intro to Crete (geographic)

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. The capital and largest city is Heraklion.

Crete sits about 160 km south of the Greek mainland extending in a direction east – west, south of the Aegean Sea, of which it forms the natural boundary between southern and northern Libyan. It is part of the regional government of Greece and is divided into four regional sections: Heraklion, Chania, Lasithi and Rethymno.