Monthly Archives : April 2013

Visit Falasarna by Car

Falasarna is located close to the west part of Crete approximately 45  km from Chania city. It will take you about one hour of driving from Chania and 45 minutes from Agia Marina. There are superb sandy beaches with some of the cleanest waters in Crete and Greece. Sometimes it

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Trip to ELAFONISI by car

   Elafonisi beach is located close to the southwestern corner of Crete approximately 72 km of  Chania city. It will take  about one and a half hour of  driving  from Chania. Rent a car  from KRETA RENTAL and enjoy  the way to Elafonisi . You should stop at Topolia village to

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Island Thodorou

The Thodorou Islands once guarded Crete from her enemies, but now they protect the Cretan Ibex from its own enemies, the hunters who would love to add the famous Kri-Kri, the wild goat of Crete, to their trophies. The wild goats were moved to Thodorou from the mountains of Crete, to

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